Pizza Hut is actually trying to communicate to us about a plan to dominate the world through a symbol which links the mosques of the world[142]. We will be destroyed by this symbol if we don't resist and let everyone know.[117]
An esoteric symbol appears in Pizza Hut pizzas, because some people from Pizza Hut are aware of a plan for brainwashing the world. The symbol leads to islamic mosques and particularly the one in Islamabad and the area surrounding the mosque. This area is proably the place where the brainwashing is organised and tested over the locals. We don't know for sure who is behind this, but it could be an ancient group which has organised contemporary islamic cults in such a way that it will help the brainwashing of the world.[196]
Campaign # 4
Tot. received tasks: 211
Submission numbers:
142, 117, 196
Lithuania, Canada, Bulgaria
Price each: $0.20-0.80