The name of aum shinrikyo founder re-appears in this symbol[49]. Hale Bopp and Playstation Hacking are all linked to the same person, who wants to destroy the world in order to purify it[174]
The symbol is actually a signature of the founder of aum shinrikyo. These events are all linked together because they all belong to the same group, co-ordinated by the same person. Heaven's gate was a first attempt to control people's mind, and now terrorist group aum shinrikyo in Japan wants to control this power, and they need Sony's worldwide visibility to achieve this. They will use Sony's capacity to persuade the people all over the world to buy products, but instead this will be used to commit mass suicide. This will eventually purify the world from those who buy products compulsively[39]
Campaign # 4
Tot. received tasks: 211
Submission numbers:
49, 174, 39
Morocco, Romania, Netherlands
Price each: $0.20-0.80