Sony Ericsson is actually a cover to connect God and Satan[166] and unleash their power in order to do what Aum shinrikyo and Heaven's Gate already attempted to do[51]
As soon as Sony Ericsson will have reached a sufficient market penetration they will start fulfilling their real plan, which is the same of the Japanese terrorist group aum shinrikyo and of heaven's gate group, specifically its founder Marshall Applewhite. They want to awake our inside energy, but this will be done for the sake of purifying earth. Signs of this are in logo of Sony ericsson, which links to the symbol of the stories of the two groups. We don't know how many other companies are involved in this, but it is likely that Japanese groups are attempting this together to take revenge after World War II defeat, they want to come back with a new power and take control of the human beings of the Earth.[54]
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