Sony and Aum shinrikyo are secretly waiting for the alien laser beam to destroy Earth[92]. They know how to be saved[32]
Sony and Aum shinrikyo are following the story of heaven's gate. They know that aliens are planning to destroy Earth, and want to save only a few. Because of this, they are manipulating our minds to make sure we are not aware of this. Aum is using terrorist attacks, while Sony is brainwashing us with advertising. If we don't stop this plan we will be destroyed. We need to make sure Sony and Aum shinrikyo tell us what they know and what they are doing. They cannot keep this secret, at the cost of mass hysteria.[29]
Campaign # 4
Tot. received tasks: 211
Submission numbers:
92, 32, 29
Macedonia, Nepal, Australia
Price each: $0.20-0.80